Backyard Monsters is a game in which players create and manage a base with defenses on your yard. This base is part of a large world with many other players in it, which can attack each other. It can be seen as a mix of Desktop Tower Defense, Travian, and The Space Game. The game currently runs on Facebook, Hi5, Kongregate, Bebo, and Gaia Online.

Facebook is the main platform.

How to playEdit

How To Play: The goal of Backyard Monsters is to mainly build the best base ever by building and upgrading defenses, collecting resources, building and upgrading buildings, like housings and academies. Attacking other players or defending your base from their attacks is also the main goal.

You start with a week's protection from all attacks. In this time it is important to focus on managing your base instead of attempting to attack. If you attempt to attack anyone, the protection will wear off instantly and the person you attacked (unless the enemy is a wild monster tribe) and people in range of two levels up and two levels down will be able to attack you. During damage protection, either starter or from someone attacking you, you must concentrate of defenses, other buildings come last. Telsa towers and laser towers are useful when at level 3, so level them up to improve your defense system.